Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog ... You Mean There's a Choice?!

Am I back? Sort of. I’m afraid to swear on Facebook and, with MySpace down the shitter, I needed a new forum for the CKR Diaries; the ride’s comin’ to an end – 2012’s around the corner! – and I don’t want y’all to miss out. Plus, I needed a place to blog because, as many of you can guess, my self esteem needs stroking. I’d do it myself, but…it’s not the same. You know how that goes.

If you’ll hang in there, I’ll do my best to post new material periodically between CKR stuff. I’ve gotta say, though, it’s been fun going through these old entries, remembering how messed up the beginning was (as if the middle has been any different). A lot happens in four years…I mean, FIVE years. Shit! Has it been 5 years since I started this damn book? Our daughter’s 17 now! I’ve seen Kid Rock 2 or 3 times since ‘06. Scott and I are heading out next weekend for our 4th Daytona 500. Where does the time go? (Can we blame Obama?)

Before I post anything else, I’d like to welcome those of you who are reading this drivel for the first time. I hope you find yourself comfortable here and learn quickly that your comments are important to me. They feed my soul (some might say my ego, but Mom taught me they’re just jealous) and give me a reason to keep doing this. I consider it a privilege to entertain you – know you are among friends.

I also need to thank (and kiss and hug and do obscene things to) all of you who, back in the day, read the Diaries as it all happened. We’ve been through a lot together. I hope things don’t end badly like last time, when you tossed my shit out the window onto the lawn, gave the dog to that weird neighbor who always scratched himself, and told the police it was me that…oh, oops…that was somebody else. Sorry.

Whoever you are, I hope I made you smile today. :) 

~ Dawn


  1. You know I just love reading your words...good to have you "back".... : )

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