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CKR: July 2006

(continued from CKR: June 2006...)

JULY 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Took in my second NASCAR race this evening: Daytona’s Pepsi 400. We sat on the back-stretch behind Turn 2 in what they call the “Superstretch” seats. Unlike February, the weather was great and, since we faced west, we watched an awesome sunset unfold behind the seats we’d sat in at the 500. Of course I cheered for Tony Stewart and I’m sure that’s why he won (she said with heavy sarcasm). I also took notes this time, so hopefully I can add enough detail to the Daytona chapters to make them come alive now. Wonder what “notes” look like? Here’s what I brought home:

hang tags
Target – 10 yrs?
Checkers, Pep Boys, B.W.
no napkins
last car – root for
cheer for wreck
cell phones
park at Target, tailgate
8 lanes
cement entry
plastic seats, metal steps
tattoos, merch
drunk guy, wrong seat

The key to taking good notes is not to get lost in them. You won’t remember anything if you’re constantly scribbling. Be alert and watch what goes on around you, then jot down a trigger word when you get a chance. Take the last entry, for example. Shortly after we found our seats, a guy in the row ahead of us stood up, turned around to face the crowd, and shouted, “Okay, everybody, I gotta know who your favorite racers are.” Then he pointed to people, one at a time, and asked individuals who they would be cheering for. He was swaying, slurring, drowsy-eyed, and holding a can of Coors Light wrapped in a nylon koozie. Someone a few rows back asked him why he wanted to know and he said he was wondering who he’d be punching in the face later. Then his friend walked up, tapped him on the shoulder, and told him he was in the wrong section. We watched him follow his friend down the row and over to the adjacent section. Ten minutes later, he was talking to the crowd in his new section. It was hilarious. It was also a perfect example of the camaraderie of NASCAR fans. Nobody yelled at him or told him to sit down and shut up. Everyone interacted. And laughed. It was pre-race entertainment.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Been writing like a fiend to get this book done before the edits for Immortal come in, so I’m behind on this Diary. But finishing the book IS a little necessary. Hopefully, I can get back into some kind of routine soon.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last week, I discovered MySpace. HOLY SHIT! is all I have to say. If you’re not there yet, stop what you’re doing and go. NOW. I’m serious.

(to be continued...)

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