Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mid-Life Crisis Road Trip 2017!

Can you say, "Road Trip"? How about "EPIC Road Trip"? ...

Let's say Point A is here in Florida and Point B is near Seattle. Because they are. And that's a LONG way. Especially when you add a leg through Philadelphia and another through L.A.!

Best parts are I LOVE to drive, and I LOVE to travel, so I'm really excited to get all up in this amazing country of ours. My best girl Lilith has new brakes and new-enough tires, my road atlas is up-to-date, and I'm equipped with a National Parks pass and a pillow. Okay, two pillows. I'm also looking into AAA (as opposed to AA, which I acknowledge would be far cheaper than a cross-country road trip, but they don't have the world's largest ball of twine), and I'll be bringing a cooler stocked with beverages, snacks, and lunch meat, so I'm not tempted to spend too much money at establishments recommended by Guy Fieri and Tony Bourdain.

Why should YOU care? Well, duh! It's obvious I'm wildly entertaining and loads of fun, and you should totally meet up with me and/or let me use your shower when I'm in town. I'm hitting damn near every city in the U.S., so I'm sure to be close. I won't have a lot of time at every stop, which means I can burden you with my dull road trip stories only so much, but I'll gladly share what time I have wherever we can fit it in. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Even if you're neither on the route nor interested in sharing space with the likes of me, you're welcome to follow along via Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or right here on the blog. On Facebook, I'll post all kinds of crap, er...interesting photos and insightful anecdotes, including Friends-only stuff, so you can feel extra special.

Official "START" date is July 1, launching from Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. As of today, the plan includes the following places:

First Leg: Live Oak, FL --> Gaffney, SC --> Philadelphia --> Pittsburgh --> Cleveland --> Detroit --> Chicago --> Yankton, SD --> Badlands N.P. --> Yellowstone N.P. --> Moscow and/or Boise, ID --> Mt. Rainier N.P. --> END @ Rochester, Wash.

Second Leg: Rochester, Wash. --> Eugene, OR --> San Francisco --> Yosemite N.P. --> Los Angeles --> Las Vegas --> Denver --> Oklahoma City --> Hot Springs N.P. --> Baton Rouge, LA --> Live Oak, Florida... and back home.

Give or take.

I'm calling it "Mid-Life Crisis Road Trip 2017" because, well...maybe we'll chat about that later.

Stay tuned... #MLCRoadTrip

~ Dawn

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