Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kid Rock Fans Prepare for Disaster


May 18, 2013 – With hurricane season fast approaching, folks along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are dusting off their storm kits, replenishing water and batteries, and getting insurance papers in order, just in case the big one hits.

Across the country, whether they’re in hurricane territory or not, hundreds of Kid Rock fans are going one step further, stocking up on extra items, like toiletries, blankets, non-perishable snacks, and greeting cards—yes, greeting cards—just in case the big one hits another Kid Rock fan.

Established as a Facebook group on August 29, 2011, the Kid Rock Life Line is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid and comfort to the artist’s fans in times of disaster and personal tragedy. Since the first parcels went out, the KRLL has responded to more than 50 cries for help. In the wake of terrifying floods, fires, windstorms, power outages, and the tragic deaths of family members, sometimes-unwitting recipients have often found themselves overwhelmed by the efforts of the KRLL’s now nearly 400 members.

“My girls were so excited to receive their special package,” Tonawanda, N.Y., resident Tara Penfold recently posted on the group’s Facebook page, “my family can not THANK YOU all enough.” After a house fire sent Penfold, her husband, Ed, and their three young girls to a nearby hotel to await damage assessment and cleanup, KRLL members sent toys and fake, rock ‘n’ roll-themed tattoos, among other things. Until the fire, the Penfolds hadn’t even heard about the KRLL. In a note to one of the group’s members, the young mother said she, “never had a family like this and honestly feel more love from you all than I do my own blood.”

Orchestrated by a group of ten board members, referred to as “Admins” on Facebook, the KRLL depends on the participation of its membership to get essential items where they need to go. “We have a small budget,” explains founder, principal Admin, and Mineral, Va., resident Sonia Woolf. “It’s rare to see more than $1,500 in the account.” Relying largely on periodic fundraisers and random merchandise sales, the fund is most often used to send floral arrangements, gift baskets, and the occasional gift card. “From day one, responses have been a group effort,” Woolf continued. “No one can afford to do everything, but, when everyone does something, the impact can be huge."

To join the Kid Rock Life Line, send a donation, or to learn more about their disaster relief efforts, please find them on Facebook or visit

Dawn Scovill has proudly served as a KRLL Admin since its inception and has, herself, experienced the aftermath of natural disaster. She resides in Jupiter, Fla., and is the author of two commercial fiction novels.

The Kid Rock Life Line
Sonia Woolf, Founder
206 N Timber Tribe
Mineral, VA 23117
540-894-9562, 540-408-8963

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