Monday, May 23, 2011

CKR: May 2011

(continued from April 2011...)

May 2011

“CKR” Diary Post No. 60
Wednesday, May 23, 2011
Writing love scenes while my daughter texts me really blows. Just sayin’…

“Tell me you have no passion for me, Moncado,” she said, “and I’ll let you go.”
*Beep* mom, chillin with friends at mcdonalds, can you pick me up?
*Type* take the bus.
[Where was I? Oh, yeah…] “He’d awoken every morning to thoughts of her. Imagining when and where he might see her again, and the mounting anticipation that accompanied such imaginings, more often than not consumed his thoughts every minute of every day until…”
*Beep* missed the bus.
[Damn. Where was I again?] “Moving his hand from in front of her neck to behind it, he pulled her lips to his and wrapped his free arm around her torso...”
*Beep* got a ride

And so forth.

But writing ANYthing while being repeatedly interrupted by ANYone can be a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, life won’t stop just because I’ve sat down at the keyboard. The baby dog (now around 75 pounds) still needs exercise and attention. The kids (though 17 and 25) still need supervision. And, unlike either of them, school will be out soon. I’m grateful the boy has a car and a job – albeit the night shift – but the teenager can (legally) drive only to work…and she’s currently unemployed…and looking forward to her senior year next year. All you parents out there who’ve served time as the family taxi can guess at how much writing I’ll be doing this summer.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted my first novel, IMMORTAL BONDS, to a new publisher. After getting my rights back last month from that “other” publisher, I’m now searching for someone to print it in paperback. With the rise of Kindle and Nook, etc., I also can’t afford to miss the growth spurt in e-books. Until I find a new publisher, IB will be considered “out of print” and unavailable to the public. That sucks.

For what it was worth, I mentioned CKR in my query letter. Being such a departure from IB and the prequel I’m working on, and given a few scenes’ proximity to porn, I’m not sure the story’s appropriate for them. I’d also prefer to score a bigger, more prominent publisher (no disrespect intended). But I thought I might as well ask. Since tornadoes ravaged her house, the entertainment promoter who recently, graciously agreed to read the manuscript has a few other things on her mind. And Kid Rock’s not blowin’ up my phone.

I’ve also forwarded the manuscript to my friend, Josh. Long-time Diary readers might remember him as the musician who recorded the strip club chapter for inclusion in the package sent to Rock’s manager a while back. He was also one of the “kids” who showed up at the concert in South Beach, where we all ended up with passes to the after-party, but got velvet-roped for violating the dress code. With his knowledge of the music industry, I’m hoping he can offer suggestions as to how to go about getting attention. I’m at a loss. If nothing else, it will be nice to have another creative mind on-board. I’d like to see this damn thing in print before I’m 50.

So, that’s where I am this month, only five and a quarter years (that’s YEARS) after embarking on this project and writing the first words of CKR. Thinking of writing a novel? Think again. And don’t quit your day job.

~ Dawn


  1. Since I now work for a publisher I'll see what I can find out. They might know of another publisher that would be interested or might have advice on how to go about it. We publish conservative political authors which ain't exactly what you write lol!

  2. True. I'm neither conservative nor political. But I bet most of those authors would LOVE this book. ;) ... That aside, you know any assistance is ALWAYS appreciated. And I'm still gonna need a cover. :)